Watch Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears NFL Live Stream

Watch Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears NFL Live Stream

Teams: Eagles vs Bears
Time: 8:30 PM
Date: 19 September, 2016
Location: Soldier Field, Chicago

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Eagles vs Bears


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The team Philadelphia Eagles is a successful football team in the NFL history. The Eagles play a vital role to develop the football career in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now the team is the member of the National Football Conference. The value of the football games of Philadelphia Eagles is enhanced very fast and the team began to play that’s in 1933 season in the NFL career.
The respective football games statistics of the Philadelphia Eagle in total regular season is 548-582. In the same period the team gained 19 times Playoff trophy through the various competitive games. On the other side, the Eagles also won 13 Divisional Championship trophy and 3 Conference Championship trophy in the NFL history. Through the total football career the Philadelphia Eagles has achieved 3 titles NFL Championship trophy since last season.

In the 2016-2017 seasons NFL games the Chicago Bears is a remarkable team in the regular season. That is why the Chicago Bears is more desirable team to all the viewers in America. Now the team is the member of the National Football Conference division. The all-time record of the Chicago Bears in regular seasons is 741-555. That means the team has won maximum 741 games and lost just 555 games over the football career. The Bears gained 17 Playoff trophy through various football matches. This team also won 1 Super Bowl trophy out of 2 times at all. In the NFL history the Chicago Bears achieved 9 NFL Championship trophy over the same period. Without that assets the team has also overcome 18 Divisional Championship trophy and Conference Championship trophy till 2016 season.

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There are 42 games have been run between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears in the NFL history. But the Chicago Bears won 29 games opposite to Philadelphia. Whereas the Philadelphia Eagles has gained 12 games against Bears. They also will meet again on 19 September, 2016 in a live stream game.


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