Tampa Bay Buccaneers record and career in NFL games

Tampa Bay Buccaneers record and career in NFL games

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a member of National Football Conference in NFL. In the 40 years’ experience of NFL games they played more than 500 games in regular and 10 times in post seasons. It should be notable that the team first won Super Bowl trophy in 2002.  In the NFL career Peyton Manning captured huge number record in favor of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the regular season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played total 628 games and won 241 games among them. In the Playoff games they are very serious and won 6 times trophy out of 15.


In short summary of 1997-2002 seasons the performance of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is outstanding in NFL history. By this time, they won Wild Card Playoff trophy by 20-10 points, Divisional Playoff trophy by 14-13 and 31-6 points, Conference Championship trophy by 27-10 points and Super Bowl trophy by 48-21 points through various competition in NFL games. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers team mostly lost 26 times consecutively in 1976 season. At the same time the Buccaneers won just 1 time Super Bowl and 1 time Championship games in the NFL history. There were familiar player in the team like Vinny Testaverde, James Wilder, Mark Carrier who earned more than 5000 yards on behalf on the Buccaneers team.

In 2015 season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wined 6 games but lost 10 games in regular season overall. Even it also lost the maximum football games in 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 seasons consecutively. The overall result in 2015 season of the team is marvelous like 10-6 points. In 2016 season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take part in regular games but losses by 38-10 points to Carolina Panthers.

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