[Raiders vs Buccaneers] Oakland Raiders vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Games Live

[Raiders vs Buccaneers] Oakland Raiders vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Games Live

Teams: Oakland vs Tampa Bay
Time: 1.00 PM ET
Location: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa

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The Oakland Raiders is an American football teamthat is based in Oakland, California. The team started their professional football games in 1960 season. Now Oakland Raiders plays the NFL games to be the member of American Football Conference at West Division. On the other hand, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers is also an American professional football team which is based in Tampa, Florida. The team participates in the NFL games in favor of National Football Conference South Division. Actually, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has started their professional football sports in 1974 as an expansion team.


The Oakland Raiders has outstanding performance in the professional football games. Here, the smooth records of the Oakland Raiders in a regular season are 444-397. Whereas, the winning victory is better than the losing. The playoff record of this team is 25-38 over the NFL career. The Oakland Raiders haswon Championship trophy more than 3 times and Super Bowl Championship 3 times in the history of NFL games. It also achieved Conference Championship trophy 4 times and Divisional Championship trophy, 15 times.

We can also see thatthe Tampa Bay Buccaneers has achieved NFL Championship trophy 1 time. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won 241 games and lost totally 386 games at all. They have wonSuper Bowl trophy 1 time and the Playoff record is 6-9. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers also have earned Divisional Championship trophy 6 times in their NFL history.

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